Figuring out Word Press

Almost every time someone contacts me about leather work they ask me if I have a web site.  I am figuring it out, slowly but surely.  This will be a place to post photos and write about what is in the works, but not a place to list items for sale.  Time in the workshop is difficult to get because I work a full time job with a lot of travel away from home.  Still, I hope this blog will offer some insight into my leather work business, which will include handmade shoes in the future.

At the time of writing you can find my wallets and guitar straps at SAW ( on Vashon Island, where I live.  You can find my braided dog leads at PS9 Pets ( in Brooklyn, NYC.

My other interests include bagpipes.  I play Scottish Highland pipes, Scottish Lowland pipes, Scottish smallpipes and Northumbrian smallpipes.  I also play whistles and the D#C two row button accordion.  And, although I am not very accomplished at playing it, I have a uilleann pipe chanter I made on a “Pipemaking Holiday” with Ray Sloan (  My YouTube page, where you can see and hear some piping, is here:(  There are many more sound files on my Soundcloud page here:  You can also look me up on Instagram under Dally Leather.

Thank you for reading this and taking a look at my fledgling blog.

Note: my personal veg tanned leather rucksack, seen above, is not nearly this RED in real life.

satchel, computer bag or sabretache

A sabretache was a flat bag that hung next to the light cavalry trooper’s sword.  It was use to carry orders across a battlefield.  Roman legionaries carried a “loculus,” a kind of cross-body haversack.  Today, we carry bags of similar design to carry computers, tablets, books, papers, phones, and any number of things.  I prefer to use hand dyed veg tanned leather, hand stitched, and solid brass hardware.